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A major fan of sex and the city, love it more than life itself.

ill add you as long as your not a chav, sorry.( not)!.

14 February
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im 33 suffer from lupus and major depression.
Im just a typical at home person who has many off days.I suffer from bipolar. I have been told i dont act or look 33. I have often been mistaken been a sister to my daughter instead of her mum! I am starting as a single person after been together with the person i love for four years.
The slightest thing really gets me going like for instance right now is the world cup! BIG DEAL!!!
Im a nice person really if people are nice to me. i like people that are bitchy about things, sarcastic, dont give a damn and say how it is.I cant type for the life of me i hate it! I sometimes have minor siezures. Ermm im just a person who does nothing special. The odd bastard hates me but thats me.

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Date Created:10/10/05
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Sex and the city is the most amazing and convincing tv programme to date. sarah J is a fantastic actress and so are the others plus i love pink.
Strengths: Sarcastic, freindly, dramatic, heartbroke, funny, ratty, moody,easy yo please, likes quizzes, hates bitcheness.
Weaknesses: Smokes, sneezes alot, farts, burps, dashes around alot, gets depressed easy,hates mess.
Special Skills: Good house keeper, good cleaner, knows where everything is.
Weapons: Sharp nails, big mouth, sharp teeth
ratty: i hate people who think they know it all! Like there the only one and there the experts. I hate people that interfere!

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